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Installation tips

Very important

The cartridges must be adjusted as much as possible.

When a hole has to be drilled for the housing of the cartridge, the following factors should be considered:

  • The inside of the drilled hole must be uniform, without scratches, nor different diameters however small they might be. Finishing off with a reamer is recommended
  • Heat rises
  • The distribution is greater at the ends and the heat is concentrated in the middle
  • Choosing cartridges from stock: between 8 to 11 W/cm2
  • Ensure that the drilled hole has an outlet as to make removal easier
  • The connections must never be inside the drilled hole, as there is the risk of crossing and burning
  • The connections must be protected to prevent possible spilling of fluids and the entry of plastic, gases, etc..
  • incorporation of probes is recommended and must have a maximum distance of 15mm from the cartridge and be connected to a temperature regulator
  • There must be a minimum space of 3 diameters between the cartridges.


Where possible, a hole must be drilled at one ending of the connection in order to extract the cartridge easily.

cartridge heaters
  1. Drilled hold for extraction
  2. Mold
  3. Cartridge heater

Physical characteristics of solids

Material p Melting Cp Cf
Steel 7.8 1400 0.12 60
Aluminium 2.7 600 0.23 94
Bronz 78.4 900 0.10
Smelting 4.2 1150 0.13 30
Stainless Steel 7.8 1600 0.12 56

Example of heating a cutting blade

  1. Cartridge heater
  2. Probe
  3. 15 mm maximum
  4. Maximum adjustment


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