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resistencias electricas

resistencias electricas

resistencias electricas

CuadraWatt: square heaters

Easy installation

They are especially designed for quick adaptation in moulds or surfaces where the use of rivets either causes problems or impossibility to use. Cuadrawatt cartridges are the better choice. Cartridges with a low charge of watts are most suitable for moderate heating up to a maximum temperatures of 300ºC. The square tube is made of prime quality stainless steel.
All the tubes are perfectly calibrated both inside and outside, into which a long-life ceramic piece is inserted. The tube stands up to a continuous temperature variation and has the best possible thermic conductivity, as the ceramic piece is in contact with the wall of the tube, which makes a perfect distribution of heat possible. The heater wire is inside the ceramic piece. The nickel-chromium heater wire is of first-class quality and is the most recommended for the manufacture of cartridge heaters due to its high tolerance to high temperatures.
Everything is coated with checked granolumetric magnesium oxide. The whole interior of the cartridge is also coated. Therefore, there is excellent conductivity between the heater wire and the object to be heated.

  • Monophase, Triphase, Compensated.
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Internal complements

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Technical data

Heat intensity *
Power Depends on the dimension
Current escape (when cold) <=0.1mA to 242 v.
Insulation (When cold) <=5mA. to 500v.
Dielectric strength 1500v. 1/seg
Working temperature 350ºC max.
Length tolerance +/-1.5% (min 1 mm)
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.1
Cut of connection tolerance +/-15 mm
Power tolerance (w) + 5 % - 10 %
Cold areas Depends on length and diameter

Measurements Maximum watts recommended
10X10 5 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 1500 Watts
12X12 6 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 1500 Watts
15X15 7 Watts each 10 mm. MAXIMUM 2000 Watts

  1. Welded watertight base Tig.
  2. Calibrated stainless steel 304.
  3. Ceramic disc insulator.
  4. Pure magnesium oxide.
  5. Nickel-chromium 80/20 heater wire.
  6. Ceramic core.
  7. Hard refractory paste.
  8. Conductor lead.

The unique Maxiwatt manufacturing system, together with its electronic system, makes possible to separate the spirals, thereby guaranteeing the same temperature around the whole perimeter and length of the cartridge. Obtaining an uniform and lasting temperature.


Cuadrawatt cartridges are especially suitable for all areas requiring moderate temperatures, above all for large surfaces.


  • Tempering of moulds.
  • Vulcanization.
  • Heating of large metal plates.


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